Doris Herceg has been my history and genealogy buddy since the beginning. It was she, as chair of the History and Genealogy Department at the Saxonburg Area Library, who got me actively moving on a stagnate life long interest.

Doris is one of those behind the scenes folks who moves mountains. She helped to establish the Saxonburg Area Library back in the ' 70's. She has volunteered there ever since. She was a long term member of the GFWC Saxonburg District Woman's Club where she chaired the Community Improvement Program (CIP) as well as the Recycling Program.

As Chair of the CIP she spearheaded the establishment of the Library, the establishment of the History & Genealogy Department, placed benches in local parks, chaired the placement of the 1918 Influenza Marker, put cigarette butt recepticals at local businesses and many other community projects.

Being a woman after my heart Doris is an avid recycler. She has put programs in place to recycle used soap (which is sent to 3rd world countries), used greeting cards (for crafts at local nursing facilities), aluminum tabs (for various health related issues), close dryer lint (placed ouside for birds to use as nesting material), pictures cut from address labels (donated to teachers to use as stickers in the classroom) unused soap, shampoo, conditioner etc from motel stays (donated to woman's shelters) and  packing material (taken by UPS to reuse)

She typed the 1825 Massey book found on this site. She is currently helping to put together the history of St. Luke's Church in the Saxonburg Historic District. Hopefully we can share some of that inrformation on this site once the work is done. Anyone with information on that church please contact me and I will see to it that Doris gets it.

However, the activity dearest to Doris' heart is quilting. She is a master quilter and frequently attends quilting retreats to sharpen her skills. Family, friends and community benefit from Doris' quilts. Every family member who has a major event in their life gets a quilt. For countless years Doris and some of her quilting friends made and donated one quilt per year to the Saxonburg Area Library as a fundraiser. The quilt raffles had annual proceeds of $4000.00-$5000.00.

In addition Doris is a member of the Peaceful Patchers Quilt Guild that make quilts for veterans and the homeless. They also make quilts and booties for the unborn babies of low income families.

Doris is one of those silent but great assets to the Southeast Butler County community and to me personally. Thanks Doris!


1918 Mistress of Ceremonies