Remains of GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Site Found in
Clinton Township, Butler County, PA

Research on an old GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) public input needed

Clinton Township: On the old Love Farm owned by Kathy and John Allen can be found the scant remains of an old GAR site. GAR’s were Civil War veteran’s clubs like the VFW and American Legion are today. John Allen is a Love descendant. Research is currently being conducted on the site. To date it has been discovered that it was the James Harvey Post #514 organized March 25, 1886 at Clinton Township’s Schoolhouse #2. The chartered members were William Harvey, John S. Love, John B. Cummings, J.P. Kirkpatrick, William Thompson, M. Thompson, G.P. Harvey, John Halstead, Mark Gibson, H.H. Halstead and E. Sefton. Other early members were Adam Ekas, William Carson, A.B. Katz, Joseph Jones and W.J. Gillespie. Many of the members had been soldiers in the Pennsylvania Civil War 137th Regiment Company D. Others were from other companies formed in Butler County. A copy of the original 137th Regiment Company D roster can be seen at the Saxonburg Area Library.

The two big players in the James Harvey Post were of course James Harvey and John S. Love. Both served together in the 137th Regiment and owned farms next to each other along Westminster Road in Clinton Township. In fact there was a small village there called Riddle’s Crossroads with a post office which can be found on the old maps of Clinton Township. John S. Love in 1887 donated ground for an armory building and a GAR hall was constructed. It is not known when it was abandon or raised however the exact location is known. Researcher Drenda Gostkowski is looking for any families who may have photographs, documents or just plain stories passed down through the generations. It is hopeful that eventually a roadside marker can be placed near the site. Drenda is reconstructing history of the site in order to publish a booklet. Contact Drenda or visit her website:
724-816-4913 mobile
South East Butler County
Historic Resources, Inc.
124 Keasey Road
Cabot, PA 16023

South East Butler County Historic Resources, Inc., a history and genealogy organization, is located in Winfield Township, Butler County, PA. It goals and objectives can be viewed at its site It was established by Drenda Gostkowski founder and former vice-chair of Saxonburg’s John Roebling’s Historic Saxonburg Society and the Saxonburg Area Library’s History and Genealogy Department. Drenda is currently the historian for the Butler Freeport Community Trail.

I am looking for any information on this farm pictures, memories etc. Henry Grimm (civil war soldier) had lived in a home that was later bought by John Follstaedt located in Saxonburg. It was once part of the Graff farm.   If you happen to have any information regarding this house, that would be great.  I think this is the same house that my great great grandmother Elisebeth Graff Grimm also lived in before she died.  Although, the 1900 census had Henry Grimm listed as living in Winfield Twp.  So who knows.  He may have moved and that is when the farm changed hands to John Follstaedt and his sister. 

Butler County, PA GAR sites

105 Alfred G. Reed Butler PA PA PA2 Butler
107 J. G. Campbell Petrolia PA PA PA2 Butler
223 Robert McDermott Millerstown PA PA PA2 Butler
246 J. C. Quillen Harrisville PA PA PA2 Butler
305 O. G. Bingham Slippery Rock PA PA PA2 Butler
231 Harrison Buffalo Mills PA PA JH1
404 John H. Randolph Prospect PA PA PA2 Butler
422 LT M.J. Halstead Slate Lick PA PA JH1
432 Watson Brothers Portersville PA PA JH1
449 Anderson Fleming Rural Valley PA PA JH1
456 Alonzo McCall West Middlesex PA PA JH1
496 COL J. H. Wilson Zelienople PA PA PA2 Butler
514 James Harvey Maple Grove PA PA PA2 Butler
530 Lysander Robb Bruin PA PA JH1
538 S. J. Rosenberg Eau Claire PA PA PA2 Butler
539 LT J. C. Kuhn Hooker PA PA PA2 Butler
561 William T. Dickson Coultersville PA PA PA2 Butler
573 CPT William Stewart Evans City PA PA PA2 Butler

In the center of Clinton Township map you will find Westminster Church and Ridlle's X-Roads. The GAR was between the two.
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