Susan Przybylek is the co-author of the tour "Escape: Massey Harbison Wilderness Captive." 30 years ago she first heard about Massey's escape while she was a docent at the Depreciation Lands Museum near Pittsburgh. She was living in Hampton and then McCandless Townships and, as she found out while researching the tour, both these homes were located not far from Massey's escape route. Finally settling in Sarver, once again, she found herself close to Massey's trek. It was Sue's inspiration that started us on the road to producing the driving tour. We worked well together Sue with her ability to put Massey into words and her special art talent to illustrate the booklet and me with a love for research as well as a very good sense of direction. The
research lasted about a year.
Aside from writing and producing the Massey tour Sue has numerous talents. She presents herself here in a photograph that shows just one of the many Civil War Re-enacting period outfits she has designed and made herself. Her dress patterns are replicas from Civil War museum clothing. She is exacting in all aspects of making this clothing even sewing stitches used at the time as well as researching and using  reproduction fabrics. Some of her activities can be viewed on my Civil War page.

In addition Sue is a member of the John Roebling Historic Saxonburg Society whose pages can also be found on this site. The purpose of the Society is the preservation of Saxonburg's historic fiber. To that purpose she has put many Saxonburg "Living History Characters" on the street during various Saxonburg events, started the much touted "Saxonburg Blooms Contest" and was instrumental in putting together a "community made" quilt for a raffle. The proceeds went to the John Roebling Society.
Quilts are Sue's other passion. Every fall she begins to lay in material for the quilts she will make over the winter. Typically she makes 2-3 a winter and other organizations have benefited from her endeavors as a quilt maker. She rallied the women of her Civil War Re-enacting group to help in making 6 different quilts as fundraisers for their organization.
Sue is community minded and held two information fairs at her church. One fair was information for and about children and the other was for and about seniors. Her creativity made the fairs interesting for all. Sue is also interested in gardening and herbs and has helped establish and maintain several gardens in the community. Her energy is boundless. She is special.
Community made Quilt "Houses of Saxonburg"
Made by the "Builders of the Houses of Saxonburg